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50 year reunion

I looked forward to attending the reunion for years.   I was delighted to see so many people enjoying themselves.  So many stories, it felt really good to feel connected to such a fine group of individuals.  As the years go by, I feel ever more attatched to the reality that I was a member of  Ann Arbor High School class of 1967, the last unified graduating class.   God Bless you all for putting such effort into the event.  It really came off well.

Vince Tanner

Vince Tanner
Fantastic Job

Best band and party that I have been to in at least 15 years!

Tom Killins


Tom Killins


Sorry it took me this long to send this to you but I have been up north at my cabin fishing. I would like to thank you and the whole committee on the great job you guys did on the reunion. The countless hours and hard work you guys put in paid off in spades. This great reunion will be remembered by everyone always. Again, thank you so much for a great and unforgettable time!

John Townsend 



Bill and I want to thank you for all of your hard work on the reunion! I know there was a whole committee of volunteers that worked on it but you seemed to be one of the constant worker bees and we truly appreciate all that you did.

 I know Bill had a wonderful time seeing so many of his friends and the venues that you chose made that very easy to do.  The band was fantastic but what really put them over the top was when your two classmates joined them on the horns!!  There is nothing better than Motown with a horn section.  They were true professionals.

I can’t imagine the number of hours you put into this event!  Aren’t you glad it all worked out and you were there?  There really is no telling how many will make the next one or if the group will stay together for the next one but I hope so.  It was great seeing you!

 Wishing you all the best!

Jackie & Bill Ely


I hope you are taking time to relax now that the terror of reunion organizing is over. You and the rest of the organizing team did a fantastic job. The whole event was fun, relaxed and a pleasure from start to finish. sometimes as organizer it is hard to enjoy the actual event. I hope that was not the case for you.

Seeing all the familiar and not-so-familiar faces reminded me why I keep ending up back in Ann Arbor. The reunion was a great re-introduction to home and a graet opportunity to see old friends and make new friends.

Thank you for putting in all the hours on our behalf. I had a wonderful time.

Becky (Nace) Bahlibi


I wanted to add my compliments, Vickie, to you and the other members of the reunion committee for organizing and executing such a fun-filled weekend for our 50th high school reunion.  You all had so much to coordinate.  I think I used my husband's expression about herding kittens when I last wrote to you about the effort involved.  Thank you so much for stepping up and doing this for the rest of us.  

Our high school years were definitely formative -- and full of good memories (mostly).  It's kinda odd or amazing or however you'd describe it that those 3 years, over 50 years ago, are still important to those of us who showed up in Ann Arbor two weekends ago.  

Sorry that we didn't get a chance to meet on Saturday night, which was full of people and music and food.  If you ever make it to Chicago, please look me up and we can reminisce in person about AAHS and look forward to more adventures in our lives (especially important to think about at our age). 

Thanks again for the hard work you and others did to make the reunion a success.  I definitely appreciated it!  

Best, Jessica Kaplan     


Hi Judy,

So nice seeing you too at the reunion, we had a fantastic good time.  No words to express how much we all appreciate all your hard and good work that made is such a success!  It would be great to take you guys for a Sunday sail ... take good care, and enjoy your summer!

 Rich Greenwood


50th High School reunion

Fantastic organizing this Event!

Photo Booth was fun!

Band was superb!

Those that organized the Elementary

School reunion, such a joy!

All had a great time!

Diane Woods


Diane Woods
50th - the BEST

To the organizing committee,

There were so many carefully tended details  - too numerous to mention - that made our Class of '67 2017 reunion special.  Yeoman's work by each and every one of you. Congratulations and sincere thanks to you all.

I had a ball!  We are lucky to have grown up in Ann Arbor when we did.  Let's all stay healthy so we can reunite again!

Mary Smith Steinke.  


Mary Smith Steinke

Thank you for planning such a wonderful 50th reunion. It was a great weekend filled with memories, hugs, and laughter.   So much more fun than high school!

Julie Feldkamp


Julie Feldkamp

What a fabulous job you and the committee did for the class of 67! I am so glad that I attended (albeit at the last minute).

I am putting this on my "every-50-year" to-do list!

  Bill McFall



The Committee

I want to remind you all that while in many ways Vickie "drove the boat", the local ladies (Robin and Judy) did a lot of work for months.  They started in 2016 with ideas, searching possible locations, menu planning (like the idea of "stations"). Kent was the treasurer and arranged bank accounts. Everyone did their parts.

So thanks goes to all!!

Diane Thompson Sherbrook


Diane Thompson

Awesome Vickie...just to let you know I've been playing my CD...I absolutely love it. I'm singing in the car and having wonderful memories!

David Burgett


David Burgett

Great Job!

Bruce Maslin



To Vickie and the Committee:

It was wonderful, and everyone I spoke with thought too!  If I had to plan events so that 300 accomplished people would have such a good time over 2 days I'd run for the hills.  But the organizing committee pulled it off, a complete success.  I can't imagine how much work and time and caring went into this reunion.  I'm so glad I came.  Thanks.

Brad Waterman


George (Brad) Waterman

Thanks to all for a fantastic reunion, I'm so glad I made the trip. Just returned to Germany and am still processing it all, seeing so many classmates from the past and the good memories. Wishing everyone a great summer and lots of good health in the future so we can do it again!

 Linda (Robinson) Himpelmann


Linda Robinson

Please accept my congratulations on a job very well done.  It was just GREAT!  The only comments I heard were people repeatedly saying they were sure glad they came.

 I would also like to thank you for affording me the opportunity to help with Saturday night.  It was both a privilege and a pleasure.

 Thank you again.

 Bob Ufer



Great success!  Saturday was absolutely fabulous; the band was great, food stations turned out very well...that was a great idea.

 Teamwork, always makes an event turn out spectacular :)   

 Pam Jones Sander




 Thank you SO MUCH for all your dedication and hard work to create this important "link" for all of us to be in touch and "see" each other.  It has been so much fun to see everyone and hear what they are doing 50 years later.  I still cannot believe it has been that long since we graduated!!

  Blessings to you!

  Toni Perry


Sorry I missed you all...

Thank you Vickie and All for putting together this beautiful website so those of us that couldn't make it could at least feel a part of our awesome graduating class '67.  Sending love from Oregon and so glad everyone had a wonderful reunion.

Many blessings...Loretta Fleming Wagler


Loretta Fleming

Wonderful to hear that the website will continue, Vickie!  It will be great to be able to contact people who were-- and weren’t-- at the reunion.

And thanks to the organizers for that great CD…hadn’t listed to it until I got back to Santa Monica, but love the wonderful selection of songs, though I must admit that I didn’t recognize the Fight Song!

 Nancy Lutkehaus



Thanks for the Memory


THANK YOU!!! & KUDOS to your committee for the unimaginable super fine work you've done.

Wheeeeew!!! Pant!!! Pant!!! Wheeeeeeeeeze!!! — I NEED A BREAK TOO!!!

LOVE IS!!!;.....................................

BILL / BF Illustrated


Bill Fox

And thank you for all your work.  Thank you to all the volunteers who helped to make the reunion a success.



Very definitely a success! Right down to the napkins, M&Ms and CD. Thank you for all your hard work; it really paid off.  We had a fabulous weekend (though rather tired still). Please forward my thanks and congratulations to all the other (more anonymous) members of the committee. You definitely deserve a break, if not sainthood.

  Thanks again for a Loverly weekend!

  Ralph Berry


You did a GREAT JOB!  Thanks!

 Stephanie Krupp


Thank you and the committee for all that you did to make the Reunion a great success!!!

  Les Baer


hey vicki  you guys did a great job !   i couldn't make it on saturday but i had a great time on friday.  
take care.

bob murphy


Thank you for all you do for the class of 67!!!!  The reunion was very well organized and showed the expertise of our amazing classmates.  Thanks!

 Diane Amos



Hope you had a great birthday and could relax…..finally.  What a terrific reunion.  We’re still talking about it. Again, thanks for all your efforts, particularly the website.

Have a wonderful summer.  My grandkids get up here (Michigan) Friday so we’re pumped :-)

Thanks again,

 Susie (and Bob) Ufer


And I thank the committee for a very memorable and fun time!  Thank you so much!

Sincerely, Barbara Schieb-Gibbons 



I just want to thank you for all your hard work in making our high school reunion such a success.

Mary Crawford Gluck


Thanks for doing a great job with the reunion Vickie!  I really enjoyed seeing my old classmates and jamming with the band.

 Karl Diez


Hi Vickie –

Once again, thank you so much for everything (all the GREAT details) you have worked on and continued with these past months.

Susan Bayha


Thank you!  Great Job!

 Martha Zeeb


Thank you, Vickie, for a wonderful reunion. I have to say I had more fun than I imagined I ever would. Great job and compliments to you and the hard working committee!

 Nancy Crawley


Thank you, the committee did a great job. So much fun seeing all, best reunion we have had.

Doug Morningstar


It was wonderful, Vickie!

Thank you so much!



It was a great event, thanks to everyone on the committee for all of their hard really paid off!  I had a great time!

Jack Knowles



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