High School Sweethearts That Married and Stayed Married
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This page is for high schools sweethearts who married and stayed married.  Please post a "then" and "now" photo and how many years you have been married and any comments.  

Congratulations to all of you! 

Norie (Margaret) Sato and Ralph Berry. Married in 1970. Here in Finland.
Norie Sato and Ralph Berry today
Sandy Christopherson and Dave Nelson ('66) We met when I was 15. We started dating at spring break of my sophomore year and married four years later.
Dave and Sandy (Christopherson) Nelson happily married 48 years.
Jerry (AAHS '68) and Mary Smith Steinke
Mary Smith and Jerry Steinke (Jerry class of '68), August 1971
Thinking ahead to the Senior Prom, Patrick asked me out in late April. Four years later, we were married in Ann Arbor on June 26, 1971. Susan Gaede & Pat Shipstead
Susie Gaede and Pat Shipstead
Mary Becker and Mark Carrow. We met at a movie at the Michigan Theater on July 21, 1962 and sparks ignited for both of us! Never broke up from 8th-12th grade, married June 6, 1970. Retired to Florida and are enjoying a truly blessed life, together still!
Mary & Mark happily married for 46 years!
Senior Prom - Lynne Lowry and Mike Acree
Married 49 years - Lynne Lowry & Mike Acree
Sue Reichman & Bob Ufer - 1971
Bob Ufer and Susie Reichman - 45+ years and still happy!
Milt South and Mary Beth Greear, Senior Prom
Milt and Mary Beth (Greear) South. Married for many, many happy years together, Mary Beth passed away a few years ago.
Rick Spears and Patty Grant
Belinda Wade and Steve Harms
Harley Rider and Vita Theresa Fileccia started dating in 11th grade and married June 1968. 49th anniversary this year! Hope to get some photos to add.
Senior Prom: Margaret Fairman and Dan Gauss ('64)
Finally got married 9-9-09
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