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Washington Trip. Corine Medcalf, John Sprentall, Ann Rupp, John Calloway, Bill Munz
Stroll in Central Park. Dave Besford, Bill Munz, John Calloway, Corine Medcalf
Dinner in New York. Ann Rupp, Bill Munz, John Calloway, John Sprentall, Corine Medcalf
Cheers...we could drink at 18 in New York. Dave Besford, John Calloway, Bill Munz.
Bus Ride, probably New York to DC. Jon Helms, Keith Fisher, Dave Beemer, Mary Smith
Washington Trip in front of the Capitol
Tom Wilkins (black frame glasses) was an example of individualized instruction. Bob Pratt, choral director, for starters, taught him to sing in perfect form "Oh!"
Avard Fairbanks, a highly-respected bronze artist, an alumnus of the U-M and a professor at the University in the 1930s, enrolled two daughters at AAHS and granted permission for his relief, Oregon Trail (1924) (see photo), to be adapted to the AAHS symbol which is in place today.
Battle Creek Game - I have some background info: Float was built at Judy Bradley's house and John Sprentall pulled the float with his mom's new Buick Regal and Lynne Lowry rode along.
Marcia Wardell, Chris Crump, Mrs. Lopez, Diane Quicksey. Chris Crump has gone on to be a world class famous dancer and can be found under her married name Christine Dakin.
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