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Burns Park Elementary - Grade 5 (1959-60) I'm in this photo as well as Ellen Craine, Jane Wellman, Lloyd Williams, Martha Stubbins, Dan Dever, Bruce Van Vlack, Nikki Harrington, Jim McNierny, and others. Posted by Barbara Schieb-Gibbons
I found this photo from Ms. Olsen's 3rd grade class. I can name all the guys but not all the girls. Boys in the top row: Adam Carr, Doug Morningstar, Doug Merriman, Ken Westerman, Steve Towery. Second row: Tony Bott (?), Phil Hall, Tom Wood, Bob Ufer, Jim Wanty. Third row: Jim Moffett, Jim Copley, Roy Mordy, Joe Newton, Brent Stone. Last rows: Peter Kempf, Louie Velker and Mike Estep. Tom Wood
"song we sang....Burns Park we are leaving, our fond farewell we make..seventh grade we're achieving our places you will take...we've worked together happily, to make our school the best, now we move on to Junior high and leave to you the rest...Burns Park we are leaving our fond farewell we make...7th grade we're achieving, our places you will take." Posted by Lou Velker
I found some class photos from Burns Park Elementary (this is Grade 4). Claudia Pott is right next to me (Barbara Schieb). Ellen Craine, Martha Stubbins, Nikki Hariton, Jane Wellman, Lloyd Williams, Bruce Van Vlack, and others are in this photo.
Carpenter School
Mack School First Grade- Mary Gilson, Chuck Brauer, John Hollowell, George Ash, Vicki Parks, Brad Burkhart, Steve Corall, Betsy Plant, MaryKay Becker
Mack School Mrs. Kainlauri's 4th Grade Class
Mack School Grade 5
Mack School Mrs. Erkilla's 5th-6th Grade 1959-60
Mack School 6th Grad
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